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Legacy Genesis Logo Development

We recently worked with Legacy Esports, one of the leading esports organisations in Oceania to build out an updated brand for their OCS (Oceanic Challenger Series) team. This article is here to give you some insight into the process we undertook with Legacy Esports to ensure we developed a strong logo to represent their team.

We knew from the start we wanted to build a brand that felt unique in the OCS. Often what a team will do when they pick up a second team in the lower league is simply recolour their existing logo or change the text of the logo to represent the team. We wanted to do more than this, giving the secondary team a brand by itself to ensure a full range of use for the logo on social media and for the second team to be identified at a glance.

This proved a challenge as we wanted to build out a logo which not only felt “Legacy” and communicated its branding but was unique enough to look different than the main team’s logo.

Battle Academia

Doing research into directions we could go for the logo, one of the things we looked into was the Battle Academia skin line. An alternate universe Riot Games had created for their game League of Legends. Looking into the visual designs Riot had created for Battle Academia proved a fantastic inspiration point when creating the logo for Legacy Genesis being that the team was a group of young players aspiring to learn and improve to one-day “graduate” to the pro league.

Battle Academia has a set of crest representing the different years featuring the different clubs within the fictional school. Each crest featured 1-2 stars and a unique colour scheme to differentiate from the others.

Building the logo

With our key inspiration laid out and approved we went about creating the Legacy Genesis logo in the shape of a crest. This is also inspired by the original Legacy Esports logo from back in 2015 which originally carried a shield behind the logo. To bring the logo back to League of Legends the sword featured in the design is inspired by Garen’s sword. For balance we added sparks as if the sword was hitting something to create a sense of motion and to help lead the way for animated assets in the future. 

Lastly, at the top of the logo we used what looks like a part of the main Legacy Esports tree, this is to bring in the Legacy Esports branding and to visually represent the organisation supporting and coaching them as they improve throughout the split.

Player branding

Along with these things, each player has been given a twitter header to show they are part of Legacy Genesis. This was created with the idea of the League of Legends champion selection on the right side showing each member of the team. The member which is highlighted on the header is the player the header is for along with featuring each of the player’s favourite champions.

Just the start of Genesis

We look forward in the future to continue working with this brand as we work with Legacy Esports. We have many creative ideas in mind for match updates and social media assets so keep an eye out for what is to come!

You can keep up with Legacy Genesis and when their first match is by following Legacy Esports on their social media below;

Along with that make sure you keep up to date with us as we continue to push out behind the scenes updates!