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META University Esports

META University Esports – Website Design

Register Players and Information Hub

META University Esports (A project part of META High School Esports) is one of the largest esports organization working within universities to bring tournaments, events and competition to universities on an oceanic scale. META UE needed their website to be a one-stop-shop for all information, registrations and more to do with their upcoming tournaments and events. 

We worked with META UE to create a website that aligned with these goals and to launch in time to take registrations for their Fortnite tournament. 


Ensuring quality for both form and function

At the start of any project from large to small we at Elam Graphics sit down with the client and make sure we have a clear understanding of both their goals or ideals and what they truly want out of this project. 

We did the same with META UE working with them to create a series of concepts from both wireframes and style boards to ensuring we were on the right track before applying our findings to the project.

The first of its kind

This was the first tournament to work within universities and be officially partnered with Fortnite within the oceanic region and as such we wanted to set the bar of both quality and standard high from both a design and functionality standpoint.

Reactively lead design for mobile

We wanted to ensure that when we designed the META UE website we kept in mind the importance of creating a reactive layout to ensure that information could easily be read on tablet, mobile and computer. That way any time a teacher or student needs to get information it has to be easily accessible.

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Creative Director/Lead Designer: Josiah “Elam” Lind